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About RednWhite

Our founder, Salomi, has always dreamt of an online shopping platform which would connect east to west, and allow local vendors to reach their customers throughout the country.  There is a group of people called Canadians who love to shop locally and believe in growing their community’s economy by keeping profits in the community.


Women, Men, Kids and Plus Size collections reflect, taking care of fabrics and details, the essence of Canadian style with a contemporary twist. From traditional tailoring to the most laid-back pieces. Our collections pick up the latest trends with the maximum comfort. We also want to inspire the little ones. Just like a kid, it has a fresh, fun and natural character.

RednWhite offers you an online purchasing service which allows you to purchase a selection of the items available at vendor’s local stores from your computer. You can also benefit from their promotions, gifts and exclusive offers.


At RednWhite, we believe in growing local businesses. Our multi vendor shopping platform provides the customers to connect with their favorite brands and allows the local vendors to explore new markets. We want to make your shopping experience a moment in which fashion, art, culture and technology go hand in hand. With a great vision of building community within the country’s boundaries, RednWhite came into existence. Support was amazing from the family and friends who were ready to provide all help needed for this amazing adventure.


RednWhite provides an online platform to local vendors to list their products for free. Once the products are listed on the website, customers can go online and shop for their favorite brands. Using the dynamic web design, customers can use various filter options which specifically apply to them, to allow only the products they want to see and not the irrelevant. RednWhite will be designed using the latest technology available for the website design.


As RednWhite’s logo says it is 100% Canadian, our main goal is to serve local businesses in Canada and bring them in front of all Canadian people.  At RednWhite, we are more focused on Regionally Famous Designers & Brands, our target customers are people, of all ages, loves made in Canada products, wants to support local Canadian businesses, and has a passion to grow the shop local culture in Canada. We commit to bring more enhancements on our website in the future.