Birthday Bonanza
5.00 5.00 5.0 CAD
Do you have a friend that you don't know that well, but was invited to her birthday celebration? You're excited to go but you have no idea what to get her... The solution is simple: buy a thoughtfully handmade birthday card and slip a gift card to her favourite store inside! I guarantee it will make her feel loved and cared for.
Holiday Bonanza
5.00 5.00 5.0 CAD
The holiday season is always nice to be with family and friends but sometimes we are unable to visit with all of our family. If you have a grandparent, aunt or uncle that you were not able to see this Christmas, try sending a handwritten card that lets them know that you are thinking of them. A simple gesture can leave a lasting impression.

The inside is blank, so you can write your personal message! Every card comes with a complimentary envelope.