Vendor Benefits

Benefits to Vendors

  Red White will sell a variety of footwear, clothing bags and backpacks, accessories, jewellery, art craft, and personal care products for men, women and kids, and also is not limited to home furnishings.

  Hassle free and comfortable shopping experience to customers across the nation with the widest range of brands and products on our platform.

  Red White's on-boarding specialists always work with the vendor to take their brand to live as soon as possible.

  Vendor portal will allow the vendor to manage their store with the cataloging support, and a well-set customer supply chain management.

  Channel promotion campaigns social media engagement and in-depth analytics, will help the vendor to understand what the customers really want.
  It simplifies the product supply in which the vendor only needs to keep their products ready to ship.

  Regular settlements and working capital support enables the vendor's brand to grow rapidly.


  Customer places the order,

  Red White sends the order to the vendor.

  Vendor sends it to the customer.

Vendor costs 

  $10- Joining fee (one time lifetime fee)

  10% commission fee.

Shipping & Delivery

  Red White is an online platform which allows local vendors to connect and conduct transactions with customers from all over Canada.

  Vendors will dispatch the products to the customers from their inventory when they will receive the order confirmation.

  2 simple options for shipping, Local delivery and/or Canada wide shipping